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Most roof contractor connotate the installation of flat roof layers with open fire or hundreds of dowels. Mechanical fixation of roofing membrane or laying heat-welded roofing membrane means longer working time, and thus higher installation costs. However, open flames cannot be used everywhere. So, is it possible to lay the base and top membrane without any additional accessories and tools? Yes, it is! The solution is self-adhesive or heat activated bitumen membranes.

Matizol heat activated bitumen membranes are a comprehensively thought-out solution for roof contractors, allowing to save time and money and increase your competitiveness on the market of flat roof contractors.

Why are Matizol Activa systems so effective?

Many roof contractors ask themselves whether they should use laminated with bitumen membrane styrofoam while making or repairing a flat roof. It must be remembered that those kind of membranes generate higher costs and at the same time do not provide adequate waterproofing. It is necessary to make a complete waterproofing layers on top. Our properly arranged systems ensure full tightness, effectively protect roofs against water, prevent the formation of thermal bridges and have a long warranty period.

Fast, comprehensive insulation of flat roofs with the Matizol brand – saving time and money

We all know time is money. In modern construction, installing layers on flat roofs does not have to translate into tedious dowelling or cumbersome torching up of subsequent rolls of bitumen membranes. The finishing of the flat roof may be limited to the installation of polystyrene and covering it with bitumen membranes. Just use the ACTIVA heat activated system. The entire protection, insulation and finishing of a flat roof then comes down to the arrangement of the following layers in good order:

  • self-adhesive vapour barrier;
  • installation of thermal insulation with the use of foam bonding, like Tytan Professional KDT
  • base layer – heat activated bitumen membrane, MATIZOL MASTER BASE ACTIVA PV S2.6 S / F
  • top layer – top membrane, e.g. MATIZOL ELITE TOP PV S5,2

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Within our system, the thermal insulation layer can be covered with the heat activated Matizol MASTER BASE ACTIVA PV S2.6 S/F base membrane. The use of heat in this case does not mean the need for a burner and a gas cylinder. If the work is to be conducted at high air temperature (on warm days), the adhesive properties of the membranes are activated spontaneously. According to the assumptions of this system, the top layer should be the top heat-weldable roofing membrane laid in a traditional way. However, it does not change the fact that no additional tools and accessories are needed for the base layer, which facilitates and reduces the installation time of this layer.

And what are the benefits of using this system for roof contractors?

  • First of all, reducing the time needed to install roof insulation, costs, increase in work efficiency and the possibility of increasing your competitiveness on the market of flat roof contractors.
  • The absence of dowels and gas allows for reducing indirect costs.
  • The reduction of the roofing installation time in the presented system enables covering larger surfaces in a shorter time and is a chance for increasing profits for the roof contractor.
  • Safe to be used on roofs where using open fire is restricted.


Quick renovation or modernization of thermal insulation on the roof without need of heating and use of dowels

A large number of orders addressed to roof contractors concern the renovation of old bitumen roofs. Such works are divided into those involving kdt12 - Matizol thermal modernization of the roof and those consisting only in the renovation of the covering layer and providing tightness.

Thermal modernization of the flat roof

An experienced roof contractor knows well that when a flat roof requires insulation, the first step is to assess the acceptable method of installing thermal insulation. Fortunately, we have solutions that can be used in every case.

If, after examining the substrate, it turns out that there is no major unevenness on it and there are no worries as to its adhesion parameters, using our KDT roofing foam-adhesive to fix the polystyrene may prove to be sufficient.

Subsequent layers of such an insulated flat roof will look like in the case of a new flat roof. MATIZOL MASTER BASE ACTIVA PV S2.6 S/F base membrane can be bonded with the polystyrene and the surface membrane can be welded to it.

In a situation where it is not possible to apply any adhesive, the boards must be dowelled to the substrate, and then the above-mentioned solution be applied.

Roof tightness renovation

If the roof renovation does not include insulation, the most important issue from the roof contractor’s point of view is to determine its moisture content. If the substrate is not too wet, spread the self-adhesive MATIZOL MASTER BASE ACTIVA base membrane on the surface. Then the top roofing membrane must then be welded onto the base layer. Although the price of self-adhesive membrane is higher than that of heat-welded, the costs of its installation pay off due to the lack of dowels and gas needed to fix the base membrane.

If the renovated roof is very damp, in order to leave an outlet for water vapour particles, perforated roofing membrane (e.g. MATIZOL SOLID VENTI V60 / 700) and ventilation chimneys must be used.

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The heat activated Matizol Activa membranes have been designed to minimize the time needed and increase the efficiency of waterproofing installation on both new and renovated flat roofs. At the same time, they ensure excellent technical parameters plus quality and durability of the insulation. These membranes are a valuable facilitation, especially on roofs where open fire cannot be used.

It is also worth emphasizing that the reduced installation time of the roof waterproofing is an advantage wherever time is the key factor due to the delays in implementation or the deadlines are very tight.


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